Manomcd1fliptransHey, what’s up! I am Mano.

I am an entrepreneur and digital strategist from the Chicago area.

I really like Chicago. Many think it is cold and windy, but for some weird reason I just love it. I have been living around here for the past 18+ years.

I actually moved from warm Florida and had lived all my life in the eastern part of burning hot India prior to that. So, can’t explain why i like cold now.

I currently live in Plainfield with my wife and 3 boys. Wondering about Plainfield.. it is a southwest suburb of Chicago around 30 miles from downtown. It is a lot of corn fields, almost feels like Iowa, certainly half way there.

Let’s pause my story for a moment, let me provide a glimpse of what I am about and how I can help you.

Here’s How I Can Help You With Your Business

As a digital strategist, I help businesses with implementing digital strategies that align and help with the running the business, growing and transformation business goals. I am focused on the restaurant vertical as this naturally comes from my years of experience consulting with McDonalds, the largest food service company.

As an entrepreneur myself and having been in technology all my life, I help other professionals who are aspiring entrepreneurs. They have a business idea but unable to move forward for various reasons. I help them by providing my digital strategy and business consulting and coaching services.

A little bit about the ‘run-grow-transform’ framework, I help businesses post launch to set and meet their business goals through a holistic systems approach.

Once we have the strategies in place, we work together on specific tactics to reach business targets.

I recently launched The Digital Restaurant project. I am personally very excited to help the independent restaurant business owners and small chain restaurant businesses navigate the tough economic times  by leveraging digital technologies to provide a customer experience that creates super raving fans for your business.

My Story

After getting my BS degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in India, I decided to come to America to pursue my higher studies and build my future in the land of abundant opportunities.

I completed my MS degree at University of Miami, Florida and started my career as a software engineer for a Graphics Design company.

Soon, I packed my bags, hooked up my Jeep Wrangler (yes, an open top Jeep, my friends thought I had gone crazy) to the back of an U-Haul truck and drove up through a winter storm to arrive in Chicago to work for a startup company, that was 1996.

Since then I have consulted with Fortune 500 companies like  General Motors, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, McDonalds Corporation.  I have managed large-scale transformation projects and consulted C-level suite with IT strategy, portfolio planning, emerging technologies and digital strategies.

I have also developed successful internet marketing businesses and operate a passive income portfolio.

Now,  I am an entrepreneur, helping other aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas from initiate to launch. I help find their target market and develop an effective digital strategy to engage with their target market for delivering value while creating sales and loyal customers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to see you at my site and meet you in person when the opportunity presents.

All the best,

Mano Behera

Reach me via email at mano@behera.com.